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Online Registration is where it all begins!

Save time, increase registrations, and boost awareness for your event
Access your offline and online data from the internet
Offer participants convenience and peace of mind
Easy step to other free event services
No up front fee

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Online registration saves your event time and money, and to make the process more efficient Running Room has developed a program to help you direct your registrants online.

Why on-line registration?
Running Room's online registration service is much more than a secure, transaction processing system. Running Room offers a complete suite of data management, communication, merchandising, reporting and donation tools which can all be accessed from one secure, easy-to-use web-based administration console. Over 200,000 satisfied participants have take advantage of our on-line registration program:
No More Manual Data Entry: With online registration, all your participants' data can be downloaded in a single step. Not only does this save you time, but it ensures accuracy and participant convenience as the thousands of users with user accounts can automatically populate your custom online form by simply logging in.
Custom Online Registration Forms: Have a complicated form with all kinds of categories and pricing differences? No problem, we've seen and solved just about every conceivable situation. Our web software design allows for custom question configurations in a variety of selectable formats. Additional categories could include things such as pasta dinners, award ceremony tickets, etc.
Fast, Secure Transaction Processing: uses use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption certificates issued by industry leader MeraServ and successfully processes over 10,000 event registration transactions a month
Printable Receipts and Immediate E-mail Confirmation: Say good-bye to annoying phone calls asking whether you've received a check or registration. Running Rooms online registration engine automatically generates an on-screen printable receipt after each successful transaction and an e-mail confirmation is sent to participants within seconds of their online registration.
Custom Reports: By offering online registration, you can slice and dice your participant data into a variety of summary and detailed reports. Predefined reports include: male/female ratios, registration by country, prov / state, age, and fee summaries..
Import to any Timing and Registration Software: If you're using Runscore or any standard data management and timing software to store and management your participant data, no problem. You can predefine the online fields you want downloaded into your existing software and transfer all your participant data in less time than it takes to brew a cup of coffee.
Communication Tools: Imagine being able to immediately send an e-mail notification to your entire event mailing list. All of this and more is possible through your data management console.
Sell Commemorative Items: With the tools, you can add all kinds of commemorative T-shirts, hats, etc., with related photos, to online registration transactions and create specific summary or detailed reports outlining the types and sizes of products purchased in each transaction.

Donation Tool: We are pleased to introduce the Running Room Nonprofit Fundraising Program
The Running Room has developed a web-based solution to mange on-line interaction for nonprofit fundraising events in conjunction with our on-line event registration services. This program enables management of on-line pledge donations and integrates these tools with our current event registration programs. You can now use to set up event registration, donations, fundraising and volunteer management. We provide all the tools and manage all on-line set up and design.

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